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  1. I run a mens baseball team in Colorado and am curious as to some things I have heard from other teams having issues regarding the logo of the team. The team is apart of a large adult baseball organization with dozens of teams. Some are sponsored, some are self funded, the league is highly competetive but technically is still recreational. I own the copyright to the logo of the team I started and paid for to have designed for me. Does this mean that anyone wearing the logo (players, coaches, families, etc) must have my permission to wear and use it? Assuming that giving gear and uniforms out expresses that permission, what can be done with those who do not have my permission to wear/use it? If a player needs to be removed from the team, can that permission be revoked? What do I do if someone without permission wears or refuses to return anything with our logo on it? I understand this may seem extremely trivial and juvenille, but I want to get information to get ahead of issues that other teams have had in the past to make sure that the game is the only thing that gets focused on.
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