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  1. andrews_quest

    mileage issue

    Just an update whoever is reading this, so after talking with GA tag office, its been noted that NC automatically will issue a cert of title without mileage of a 10yr old vehicle and older. The previous owner had imported car to NC (from OH) at the 10 year + 3 month old, so NC never included the mileage on the title. This omission now will carry over to any other state. So GA did it paperwork correctly. Its a bit frustrating that an auction or dealership MUST provide mileage statement, but the state does not need to recognize the "odometer disclosure statement", tag office collects said statement for processing paperwork, what's the point of the statement if its not valid for cert of title? Its even more frustrating that Autocheck, a subsidiary of Experian collects vehicle data inaccurately.. for example I transferred a tag from one car to the other, and the tag info from the previous car shows up in the Audi vehicle history. So the tag renewal from my previous car gets listed chronologically prior to the auction sale date in NC and 6 months prior to my purchase as being registered in GA... crazy!
  2. andrews_quest

    mileage issue

    Hi, One year ago I purchased a '04 Audi S4 from a used car dealer in NC, i went there to pick it up. paid part cash/bank check. I went to my local GA tag office to register the vehicle, paid the taxes, provided all documents, etc. All good so far. The office clerk told me they need to write "exempt" in the mileage box and here is why. The dealer I bought it from, purchased the car at an auction, the car was traded to another dealer from the previous owner from NC, the NC title for some reason didn't list the mileage, (the field was blank/empty) but rather the paper work followed a "mileage disclosure statement" from the trade-in dealer, to auction, to second dealer, then to me with verified / notarized documentation stating the true mileage, etc. My transaction was $7000. I received the GA title with "exempt". Fast forward one year, and I'm looking to trade-in for a new vehicle or resell. So I had it appraised at Car Max for evaluation, they came back with $1200. I'm like WHAT??!! (was expecting about $4500) Recently contacted the tag office I was told that because the original title was blank, the GA county tag office clerk MUST enter "exempt" because mileage can not be verified. Car Max told be the "exempt" statement de-values the vehicle considerable. I'm very fortunate to have retained copies of the paper trail. I don't understand that the tag office needed the paper trail to file for a new title, but totally ignored all the information in the documents. Is there a way to fix this? Can I get a title changed? Who is responsible for the clerical error, NC or GA? Or is this just a ploy (by every state) to devalue cars that are 10 years or older and "get them off the road"? Should I let this go or find a way to correct the title... any advice is appreciated!! Have a nice day.