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    partnership agreement srew up

    the evidence i have is we both have name on business lease and business bank account plus secret phone record that we have put 50/50 amount of money into the business the phone record is 1/1 and im stay in my car recording it...
  2. im as partner he as owner of LLC ,we dont have partner agreement paper ,but i have my name on his LLC TAX return and pay his LLC 2017 TAX Return as 50% shareholder partner form Schedule K-1 1120S,,do i stil consider as partner and hold 50/50 his LLC..when i ask him write a partner agreement he refuse to write 50/50 and want 51/49 he is 51..can i force him to write me a partner agreement 50/50 as TAX Return or sue him to the courts if he refuse to write 50/50 partner agreement..?note: we put down 50/50 amount of money to start a business in Texas