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  1. But someone had to sign a warrant in order for the judge to sign off on it. Correct!
  2. They were the Doctors! Not it wasn't for fun. It was illegal! They ended up discharging me after 11 days of trying to get me to take meds for my thyroid and blood pressure. Of course I refused! Maybe you are one of the incompetent doctors that is why you think it was a joke! My life being destroyed was no joke. I asked about filing a Civil Lawsuit not about FUNSIES! THANK YOU.
  3. I went into an ER for treatment and was admitted over night the next morning I realized the medication I was told I was given I was not so I refused any further treatment and was Leaving the hospital. At that time, two nurses tried to detain me by running up behind me. I was detained for 11 hours then taken to another hospital for 11 more days. I didn't eat or drink anything for 6 days although they claimed the medicine they were trying to give me was for my thyroid and blood pressure but the had me can a psychiatric ward. The Doctor's knew nothing was wrong with me but because they lied so much on my chart they didn't want to let me go. I finally was released 11 days later and given a voucher to get to my car. What can I do? I need to sue the City and the hospital.
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