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  1. Thank yall very much .. I was already thinking basically what yall are telling me but with everything going on I knew it would help explain it all to my husband if I had other people saying the same thing
  2. Myself and my daughters father don't have a court order custody/visitation agreement. I'm the only one listed on the birth certificate and she has my last name .The only thing we have stating he's her father is the DNA test and child support case.. my daughter is 4 . I let him get her every weekend unless I have something going on with my side of the family. She screams and acts completely terrified when he picks her up. There has been times she makes her self sick from having such a meltdown about going with him. I've been told that since there is no custody agreement but there is a child support case that I only have to allow him to see her but I don't have to make her go anywhere with him. So my question is do I have to make her leave with him?
  3. So my husband's grandfather passed away 2 weeks ago . My father in law is the only child and my husband is the only grandchild. The step grandmother refused to let them have any say so in any of the funeral arrangements. I have had multiple friends of the grandfather's tell me myself that grandfather wanted these 2 to have final say so over everything and that he talked about all the different watches and stuff like that he wanted his grandson to have when he was gone. Also she hasn't actually let us see the will .. she let the grandfather's boss which is also my father in law and husband's boss see a print off copy of it. And with this so called will it only left a handful of guns and the gun safe to the only child/grandchild and neither one of them believe this is the real will ... so my question is can my husband(grandson) request to see the will and if she refuses can he take her to court about it.