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  1. I have a question. My bank account was garnished going on 4 years now as of 1/13/2019! It was a bank loan from back in the late 90"s early 2000. They sold the loan to another Bank who put the garnishment on my account and cleared my bank account. What I would like to know is how long do I have to wait to open up another bank account without having to be concerned about this happening again from the same bank? Also, can I be added as a beneficiary on someone's bank account not as a co-owner or someone authorized to sign on their account just as a beneficiary if something were to happen to that person? I just don't want my garnishment issues to affect their account! Thanks Tonya Johnson
  2. Ok thank you all for your responses they were greatly appreciated!!!!!
  3. For ex: If the person is unable to get to the bank to do a withdrawal then I would go to the bank and do the transaction for her and I know the bank will only allow that if I'm on the account as an "authorize user"!
  4. No, I will not be adding any of my money to the account I will just be an "authorized user" in the event the person needs me to take care of some bank business for her!
  5. So if I'm added as an "authorize user" and not a "joint owner" on a person's account it won't affect their account even if I have a judgment against me? I'm just trying to make sure that I understand this correctly before this person adds me to their account! If being just an "authorize user" won't affect their accounts then that is what I'll have them to do when they add me to their account instead of "joint owner"!
  6. So keeping a pre-paid bank card will be my only other option until the judgment falls off of my credit report in the next 3 to 5 years?
  7. So they can garnish another person's bank account with my name on it? Wow, so I may never be able to open up another bank account anytime soon?
  8. I have a question.... back in 2003 I had a bank loan well over time I did not finish paying off the loan. That particular bank sold it to another bank who in turned garnished my bank account adding a judgment to it! This led me to closing my other bank account that I had and I got me a pre-paid bank card to avoid them doing the same thing to my other account! My question is if I am on another person's bank account as a "joint holder" not the main person can this bank go in a put a "judgment" on their account or garnish their money? Thanks Tonya Johnson
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