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  1. Im a senior, I work in a billing office. I’ve had diabetes for about 19 years now, which has affected my immune system to the extent I am getting severely allergic to most scented products (colognes, perfumes, hairsprays, lotions, etc..). I’ve worked for my current employer for over a year now, and even though they have rules in place to prevent people from wearing such things to work, there are these “toxic bullies” who continue to constantly come to work saturated and/or reeking of these noxious products. My allergic reactions are, but not limited to, instant migraines, nausea, blurry vision, headaches, burning eyes, burning nose, burning sinuses, burning skin, throwing up, lung constriction, and bleeding nose. I also lose track of time, which I can only account to possibly passing out for short periods because of having problems breathing. I am not the only employee who is allergic, and I have been told that this has been an ongoing problem at this location for 10+ years, and that the management doesn’t have any concern or regards for the employees who are made sick by these “toxic bullies”. The only thing management will respond with is “we have talked to these people”. After 10+ years of “talking”, you would think at some point they would have enacted some disciplinary measures. There have been no disciplinary measures at all regarding these “toxic bullies” who are allowed to run this office and do as they please. They knowingly and willingly come to work reeking of toxic/noxious stenches that make the ones allergic sick. The company refuses to do anything about these sociopathic people. I’ve contacted the state Workforce Commission and OSHA, only to be told “that’s not our responsibility”. The ADA/EEOC claims “we are too busy”. I’ve gone through several listings online of law firms who claim they handle ADA problems, but I’ve never gotten a response from any of them. I’ve researched this problem online and found many, many lawsuits against companies that have allowed this problem to happen and do nothing about it, and in each case I found the victimized employee has won the case. So I don’t see any downside to anyone taking this case, yet I’m not getting any responses from my inquiries to many of the law firms advertised online that handle ADA problems. I’m at the end of my rope. I’m literally made sick on a daily basis, and I cannot keep having to look for yet another job. These companies are supposed to run and manage their business by the law, and yet they don’t. This company allows these unprofessional and despicable sociopaths to run this office without any interference. Those others who are allergic have been here for many years, and just gave up and live with the torment, pain, and suffering. I don’t like being tormented on a daily basis, and I’m literally sick of being made sick every day. Is there a way to get my employer to follow the law? If not, how do I find a law firm who WILL respond to me??? Should I tell my employer I'm seeking legal means to this problem since they refuse to do anything?
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