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  1. A co-worker overheard the Director of Marketing bragging about her $200k+ settlement she received last year (14 months ago) for a "fall at work" which caused "traumatic brain injury". The fall occurred in 2016 but it took a year to obtain settlement as she had to convince her doctor and employer that she could "never work again in her industry in a marketing capacity - thus the injury caused a complete loss of career. 


    However, the truth is that she and her boyfriend planned it to fund their global consulting business. He had received a large settlement from his employer the year before and she wanted to join him. They are now travelling the globe "living the good life" and she is CEO of their corporation. She attends trade shows and negotiates high level deals (and yes, she is head of marketing in the same industry that she just sued).  This co-worker is really steaming after hearing this.  This seems like not only a breach of confidentiality with regards to her settlement but also insurance fraud, isn't it? I'm wondering if the company cares that they paid this large sum of money to a fraud or if it's been too long for them to obtain a refund from her and if anyone should say anything to the company or just let this fraud get away with it.  Advice?

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