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  1. So I am currently on PTI my charges are posses over 20 grams 3f & a misdemeanor. the weed wasn't even mine, we had stayed at a hotel down the street for the night. I had left to go get our work stuff from home because we lived so close and had to work close to check out time. on our way home we go pulled over and they found it in the glove compartment (infront of his seat ) didn't ask to search just told us to get out and cuffed us. I guess because we arrived and left the hotel in such little time. he said he didn't know where it came from and I didn't want us to both go to jail so I asked if I said it was mine would he be released the cop agreed. from then on I was treated as I admitted something no Maranda rights nothing they immediately tried to flip me and make a deal. I got scared and said to take me to jail because they said I had to decide in like 2 mins.. I recently violated and peed dirty on a po visit and now have a court date. THIS IS TOO MUCH TROUBLE OVER A MAN WHO WAS VERBALLY AND PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE. I thought he loved me, later on he showed me his true self. can I recant then? or should I talk to my po? how do I go about this? I was put on probation already because if it and no violated it. im so scared someone please help me. what process should I take? I want out of this but understand its 100 my fault I violated so I probably wont get out of trouble but I want him in trouble aswell.
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