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  1. I did hire an attorney for the matter. To this date, the last communication had was that he was still searching for any legal precedent to support a claim for me. Do you have any thoughts on his statement? Am I just being humored?
  2. Just a simple internet search of the phrase, "inconsistent policy enforcement", returns a massive amount of results. Articles explaining to companies and employers the best way to stay out of court or legal troubles. A lot of talk about an employers inconsistent enforcement of policy and also lack of documentation of employees. Is there any legal avenue that could result in a claim against an employer? A claim not for reemployment but for a settlement. The state is NC.
  3. I was transferred from county A, where I lived and worked, to county B, that was 3.5 hours away. The other employee, lived in county A, but worked county B (he had to commute, off the clock from his residence). He was transferred to county A (where he already lived, thus making it perfect for him). At the time of my transfer, there were 2 vacancies in the adjacent county to mine, but my transfer was only for one reason, to force me into resigning. This happened in NC.
  4. After working for a state agency for 10.5 years, I was transferred from my home county of work to a county that was 3.5 hours away. Here's the condensed version that lead to that transfer. My direct supervisor was getting so out of control with his personal life and work life that our Internal Affairs Section put him under investigation, then interviewed each of us that worked under him, and the others not under his direct supervision. When it was my turn to be interviewed, I did as I was raised, I told the truth, and all of it. The result of this investigation was that he was demoted and transferred to another county (although, he was able to live in his current county and commute to the new one). Not long after this, I was called in the office and told I was being put under investigation for a trivial matter that had happened apx 6 months earlier. The result of this was I received 5 days off without pay. I was then called in the office again and told I was to report to my new county of assignment (3.5 hours away), and to be there the next morning. This county is widely known as one you would transfer an employee to be moved to if you want them to quit. I eventually ended up quitting after 4 months. After my resignation, a few months later, another employee committed the exact wrong I had done. He did receive the 5 days off without pay, and was transferred as well. However, he was already having to commute to his county of assignment from his residence on his time. He was transferred to the county where his residence was located. This transfer actually made it easier on him. I had been employed twice as many years as he, many more certifications than he, and I had no other disciplinary instances. I am just wondering if there is anything there for me to pursue? All my evals are great to excellent, even the one prior to my transfer. I am sure this was in retaliation from my interview. I have read many articles on inconsistent policy enforcement and handed out punishments and I think I have a claim. If there is any known cases comparable to my instance, I would love to read them. Thanks in advance. **This is a very abbreviated explanation**
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