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  1. What all needs to be done by the cops when someone gets pulled over or is in a vehicle? I was parked in a parking lot, it was me and 2 other people, with the vehicle not even running, when the cops pull up and ask us for our IDs, tell us to keep our hands up where the can see them while they ran the IDs. After he ran them he had the 2 people with me get out and walk to the back. When he came back before he even told me to get out he read me my rights then asked what he was gonna find bc he was about to search the truck. (it was my friends truck, my friend being one of the 2 other people, so im guessing he gave permission for him to search while he was back there talking to them while i was still in the truck..) So i straight up told him i had a handful of needles and one of them had some meth already drew up in it and i had a spoon, all of it being in my purse.. He then made me sit in the back of the cop car the whole time once he found it and when he was done searching got in the car and told me i was being charged with 2 felonies so far and when he sends all my stuff off to be tested, any other drugs done in the same spoon and needles will come back as trace amounts (my drug of choice being heroin so i told him ive used the same spoon and stuff that morning with heroin) he said well then theres another felony because it will come back as trace amounts. And if any fentynal or carfentynal was in the heroin theres 2 more felonies too so ill be going to prison when i get idicted on everything. He then gave me the drug task force number and said i had until monday to call and decide if i would work for them in exchange for him to "forget" about some of the charges, that he was gonna call monday to see if i had called and if not he was sending off all the charges to the prosecuter tuesday. (this was on saturday) so i had the weekend to think it over.. Then we were free to go.. So basically they took our drugs and drug paraphenelia without even giving anyone a ticket for any of it OR arresting anyone. BUT my friends dad is the sgt of the sherifds dept. here and she asked him about it and he told her the following. This is the forwarded text from him copy and pasted.... "In order for any person to be held accountable for what is found in any vehicle they have to have been read there rights, signed a paper saying what of theirs was searched and what was found on them or their persons, they also have to give said person a ticket stating charges and a hearing date" She also said he said without any arrest being made and no tickets given and no papers signed, that there is no proof that the stuff even belongs to me and no proof it was taken from me/my belongings, and no proof that it was even me that was pulled over bc no tickets were given and no papers were signed.. IS THIS TRUE?? Or can i still be indicted on the posession charges? I was not arrested or even given a ticket and i never signed anything either. So is what she told me her dad said true? Or will i still be indicted over all this?
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