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    peeping tom

    Not at all, however maybe the law should dictate how close and how high a permanent structure should be to someone else's yard. He certainly is entitled to enjoy his yard everyday and all day if he wants, but just a little less of mine that's all. I may have misjudge the height of his deck since I've never been in his yard but if he sits on it I can certainly see him from his chest up and when he stands I can see him from his hips up. What makes it terribly uncomfortable is that he spends his time on his deck facing my direction instead of facing his own yard. I just feel like I have an audience.
  2. brainrn02

    peeping tom

    It seems that there is a reason a privacy fence is called a privacy fence so why would anyone build a deck so close to one when that person has his entire rather large yard to do that in? And being uncomfortable was mentioned to this man who just doesn't care and yes, he just stares with beer in hand. Thanks for your suggestion
  3. brainrn02

    peeping tom

    For thirteen plus years I've been living in my house with my elderly mother and the last of my three sons who in now 12. One of the reasons I bought my house is because it backs up to horse pasture so I have no neighbors behind me and it's fenced with a six foot privacy fence on all three sides. I've never really had any issues with either of my neighbors until last fall when when one house was sold and new neighbors (or should I say neighbor) moved in. The new owner started sitting out on a deck built in his backyard. The problem is that his deck sits about two feet off the ground and about three to four feet from the fence. So every time it's nice out and we're in the pool, or I'm gardening or cutting the grass, or even if I want to lay out in the sun in a bathing suit I find this man on his deck looking over the fence and very often he has his guy friends with him. I feel like I have no privacy and he is a peeping tom. I would plant something, but that would take too long. It makes everyone very uncomfortable, including my son. I've tried looking up the city ordinances but all I could find were ordinances pertaining to "party" fences and permanent structures. I don't really know what to do. Can anyone make any suggestions?
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