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  1. Thank you so much Tax_Counsel for your messages and I will get back to you soon and if possible I can message to your account? thanks again
  2. Hello PG1067, the Register meaning is Legally register and start work, and they are questions and are not something illegal as I want to know how it works and what are the situation of starting a small business, I don't want to start a business and waste money easily, I want to understand the rules and other things that I hear from other people. thanks
  3. Hello, I have some questions about new small business processes. What state is better than South Dakota for registering a new small business regarding Taxes? as I heard there are states that help new small businesses to not pay tax 1-5 or more years from registration day, and for this case I want to make sure what state is better for LLC company and this LLC company just register at that state which help new small business owners and I don't want to open office it will be just name of the LLC and I want to do online business until I see it worth to open an office for the business, as you know for new small businesses need financially are not good so for starting is good to make sure where and how to start. Thanks for your recommendations GMA
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