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  1. That’s exactly What I thought but she told me that she got a letter in telling her that all her probation done and she got a month out early kind of thing. Why she would be feeling me a story I don’t know but that is a good theory that she could be doing that. I didn’t think you’ll be likely for that to happen and who knows maybe she miss read the letter. In all honesty and maybe think is kind a messed up to say this we can find this. But it made me wonder who did She snitched out another words what is she tattle telling on. Or the worst thought whose d*** did she suck to get this sentence and all that reduced and completely when she gets out.
  2. I had like the biggest question how is it possible for someone to have five years of probation left. And have one month knocked off their prison sentence all at one time. This is about my girlfriend. She is in the safe P prison in Texas. She has five years of probation she has to do and she did nine months of the presentations well actually she’s only done about seven months but she has not much to do. I got a call from her yesterday telling me that she got one month knocked off for sentence so if you’ll be coming home and one more month and all her Probation is done . And all taken care of when she has a decent mound of fines and community service that she has not paid or done yet.. how is it possible? How on earth did she manage to pull that kind of favoritism or something, she told me that it was because of good behavior. I mean seriously, come on, I don’t care how good you think you are you’re not gonna be able to get five years knocked off and you pretty much walk away Scott free and all your fines are not even going to pay for anymore what kind of law out there is there that can cause that to happen? because I don’t believe her when she tells me it was all because of good behavior the same buddy have any answers for me that they think it could be. I will thank you a lot for any kind of answers or series this could be for. thank you
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