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  1. I would like to start a class action suit against the DNC, Hillary Clinton, MaCabe and Comey, etc for leading the country into the abyss that we are now embroiled. If not for Hillary Clinton rigging the primaries with the DNC's tacit approval, giving the answers to the questions to her and then paying a foreign national to write a dossier to use against President Trump if he won. Also the lies and deceit that the top FBI and Judiciary Departments that have been used since the 2016 election. May can do nothing but if the Democrats are using the legal system to destroy this country then we should be able to at least try and get the opposite except this time it will be a grass root campaign. If the country will set down and beg a bunch of 15-18 year to give us a way to take away all of our guns, maybe the they will pay as much attention the the Senior Population that have actually has to work and support something other than a twitter account.
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