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  1. My car was seized in a drug bust & has now been forfeited by the State's Attorney. I had 45 days to claim the car but was not notified of the forfeiture till the 45 days passed. What can I do now?
  2. Yes. The first time she missed school & I couldn't find her I called the Sheriff's office and filed a missing person's report only to have her finally call me that afternoon. She said she was asleep & missed the bus & "I forgot to call you". I let the authorities know that I had found her & asked if they could pick her up & bring her home. They said they could not. She has been missing more school and I even spoke with them & asked if they would send a truancy officer to tall to her, even try to scare her into going. They have not. Now I go to her every morning to wake her up & take her to school. Some days she'll go & some she won't. Her sister & I have tried everything. Even trying to get her into a drug & alcohol rehabilitation facility. But if she doesn't agree to stay, they can't make her. I'm lost!
  3. I made sure of that some time ago. This guy needs grow up & move on. I have made that very clear to him, yet he remains.
  4. If they could, it would be done. That's why I'm reaching out for any helpful suggestions. I miss my little girl & my heart is broken. She is making bad decisions that will affect her always. Missing school, being abused & getting high at 17 is most unproductive. And the adults and hat are influencing her now DO NOT have her best interests & well being in mind. There should be consequences for them because they are obviously too selfish & ignorant to care or realize how wrong they are. Help!
  5. I have tried! At 17, she is considered "of age". To come & go as she pleases, I I evidently no rights as her parent now. Her Dad doesn't help, so myself and my older daughter are all she has as parental figures. And she is very stubborn & we can't MAKE her come home.
  6. My daughter is 17 & seeing a 28 year old. She went missing for 1 whole night & next day missed school. She finally showed at 6pm when she found out the law was looking for her, but no law was broken?
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