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  1. Pennsylvania I did not mean anyone except myself when I said " fight this ". I just wondered if there were any laws pertaining to that particular matter.
  2. I found it was to easy to involuntarily commit someone even if it wasn't your will to do it. I was pressured into it by the police and even the people that came to take the information. Everytime I would want to get out of their car they would yell at me. You would think they made commission on how many people they commit, I was under a huge amount of pressure, didn't sleep, eat or shower for two days and not mentally stable at time of doing the commitment and also intoxicated. In the shape I was in I would not of been able to make a decision on what I wanted to order at a McDonalds. How is this legal under those circumstances. Also the person that was committed did not meet the criteria to be committed. Not suicidal, homicidal, a danger, didn't inflict cuts to himself, physically took care of himself, not delusional, etc. The people that drove the house who took the report for the 302 were even surprised that it was accepted. Than I was supposed to go to the hearing and I was called that morning and told I didn't have to go because the doctor dismissed it. I thought that meant that the doctor felt that there was not enough to hold him and they would let him go. I talked to this person and he told me he was waiting all day to go to the hearing and than was told he didn't have to. Two days later I was told by a case worker up there that the doctor didn't want to take him to the hearing because they would of let him go, but he was still considered 302'd. I asked her if that was legal for him not to even have a chance to defend himself. She wasn't sure. She said that he is still considered 302'd. This also set of a whole series of very unfortunate events that did not need to happen. I only found topics or laws about commitment but nothing about the process or about who has the legal right to do this. It is kind of scary that it is that easy to commit someone. I understand in this day and age that everyone is on edge, but there should still be some kind of hearing or the person should be able to dispute this. It just seems like anyone could commit anyone under the circumstances that this person was committed. After I told people what happened people were shocked that it was that easy to do to someone. People were joking that they are going to do this to their husband, mom, sister, etc. There is so much to this story but it would be a book by the time I gave all the details. Can you fight this?
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