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  1. My mother is the defendant, and it was my mother's criminal case. FInal entry mom's court case.pdf
  2. Ok. Yes, The judge put in the court documents that the house had to be out of my mom's name in 90 days, My family and I had to be out of the house in 90 days, and that the house had to be sold in 1 year. Also we were looking for my grandfather just that he isn't computer savy, Heck he probably wouldn't even know how to turn it on, so I'm here asking. Plus we don't know what type of lawyer that would even be needed.
  3. They being the judge and the county prosecutor. My grandpa is 92 and is no way shape or form out of it. Heck until recently he lived by himself and did everything himself. He doesn't need guardianship or anything else. Actually most people are surprised how much he has his wits about him still
  4. Sorry typing on phone at work. Yes, the house had to be deeded back to my grandfather because it was in my mother's name. We are working on finding a lawyer just not sure what type is needed.
  5. OK this all started when we bought a house that my grandfather gave us the money for. Well my mom did a stupid thing and went out to the property before we closed and burned some brush and old trees. The fire dep was called and an investigation was performed. They found out my grandpa gave us the money and said that my mom stole the money. My grandfather said he gave us the money but they said we threatened him to say that, which wasn't the case at all. Fast forward down the road and they said they would drop the theft charges if my mom plead guilty to arson. This took over 2 yrs to get to that point and the whole time she couldn't see my grandpa. So of course she took the offer. Well then they added that the house had to be out in my grandpa's name. Fine no problem but here comes the rub. The judge then said my family and I had to be out of our house in 90 days and the house has to be sold and money given back to my grandfather. This is not what he wants. He wants is to stay in that house since he gave us the money for it and doesn't wanna sell it because he'd also take a loss and not get out what he gave us. Is there anything we can do or my grandpa can do now that the house is in his name?
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