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  1. our two wonderful sons are special needs and medically challenged. Christopher our 4 1/2 year old son came home on four different occasions from his special ed preschool with signs that he was either being abused or neglected at school. After we confronted the school several times and got no where, we took him to the Dr and we're advised to contact special victims and cps, which we did. After the authorities got involved the school kicked Christopher and Christian out. So since the end of January Christopher has not been in school nor has he had any of his specialized services that he desperately needs. Now Christian (2.5) is without his school and desperately needed services as well. Please help us get help for Christopher and Christian, life is hard enough for them on a regular basis without them being abused/neglected at school and then having everything that they know and need taken away from them for no reason. We've even needed to start a gofundme page to raise funds for an educational lawyer which we need.
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