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  1. Hello, My ex-girlfriend ("Jane") and I had a child together last year; the baby is now 20 months old. Just recently (10/16/2012) Jane and I decided to call it quits because it really wasn't working out between us. As of today, Jane is making it really hard for me to be able to see my baby. There is no custody agreement but my name appears in the baby's birth certificate. When I left the house, I took the baby's SSN because Jane is a "travel risk" and I'm sure she would try to make it impossible for me to see the baby. She is now demanding that I give her the SSN. Must I comply with this request? Also, I wanted to know what I should do in order to establish visitation rights. Is this something I could do by myself or would it be better to hire an attorney. Even though I could give this baby a better life, I really don't want to fight for custody. She could very well hold custody of the baby but I would like some formal order as to when I can pick up my baby, what weekends I can spend with the baby, and what holidays I can be with her. This is not something that can be decided between Jane and I; so I know that mediation must occur. I just don't know how to get all of this started and was hoping someone could assisnt me. Also if it helps any, Jane and I are both residents of Charlotte, NC. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
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