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  1. She originally had custody so YES, He DID kidnap the child.
  2. I disagree. I left my husband behind and took our son and moved to another state and the courts, when setting up visitation (Which he didn't bother to show up for) said nothing about me paying his travel expenses. It was on him. But, he never wanted to see him anyhow.
  3. I've been through this same issue. I left my oldest son's father. We lived in Ohio and when I left, the child and I moved to Texas. After living in Texas for 6 months, I was considered a resident. I filed for child support in Texas and they enforced it then sent a copy of the judge's order to Ohio. So when you move to Florida, you will file for child support in Florida. They will have him served and he will have to come to Florida. If he doesn't show, you will get the child support order. The courts will send a copy to him in Indiana and Indiana will enforce it. Any time you go to court, you go in the state you are living in (Florida). Visitation is an entirely different issue and arrangements on how it is handled can be up to the two of you. You will not be expected to cover the cost unless that is what you decide.
  4. As far as the father taking him and not bringing him back, father or not, if you had custody, he kidnapped him and I don't believe his lawyer would have told him to do so. As far as his living conditions now or the way he is being treated, call CPS and report him. If it IS that bad, it's possible they will take him from his father and give him back to you. You really should speak to a lawyer. They do have legal aides since you are having financial troubles. And if you get him back, get him for child support.
  5. I myself have been through something similar to this except my son's father has NEVER been a part of his life. But I have a child support order (which is also a court order saying you have custody). Since he hasn't been in her life for 12 years, that is child abandonment and no judge in their right mind would give him custody! but, he could fight for visitation but given your daughter's age, she herself could refuse to see him if she didn't want to see him.
  6. I'm on here to get answers for my cousin. She has been married to her husband for 20 plus years and recently he has been very destructive and putting the family in danger. To explain, My cousin says he has for most of their marriage been mentally abusive to her and controlling, not to mention he and their children (who are now adults) have always treated her more like their servant than anything else. But lately things have gotten worse. He has cheated on her, he has also been arrested a few times for being caught with prostitutes and he has moved in several homeless women into their home, which she was totally against. He's also threatened to have her committed (she is not crazy, except for staying with him). She's decided she has finally had enough. She wants to divorce him and wants to know what her options are as far as getting their home and selling it. She is on disability and does not work. I live in Texas and she is in Massachusetts. Can anyone help her?
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