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  1. Yeah I could tell you were more education than medical. Shouldn't really represent your self as one. Someone who is not medical might think your advise was based on your user name. I however am an ARNP but am pursuing this as a mom. "Utterly mundane" is so judgemental. You have idea and it's my medical records. I know how well teachers and educators safe guard info and no thanks I'm not trusting it to people like you who can't seem to understand the others perspective.
  2. You don't seem to understand as well what I am saying. The doctor HAS seen her. The medical plan was developed to follow for these EXACT purposes. People who have migraines and live in the same town as their doctors don't even go in. That's absurd. They take their meds but a side effect is sedation. Can't go to work or school sedated and in pain. A diabetic does not see their doc every time they have a high glucose. They follow THE PLAN of prescriptions etc. A person with migraine dx takes care of it at home with medications and sleep until pain a s vomiting is over. If it requires injections you go to the ER. You wouldn't even go to doc then cause they dont keep narcotics in the office. Yes it is something that can be treated over phone because they know what it is already. Parents do it all the time with young kids. They call in symptom and doc office calms in prescriptions. It does not have to be REdiagnoised evey time it occurs. Adults are on disability due to migraine. They are an incapacitating illness. I am an ARNP and not just blowing smoke. Educationors and people like you who are unwilling to accept a different but common practice can't help me. Also I have stated I have NO problem with targeted release of medical records but that it the only thing they should get. I know how well school safe guard info and it's NOT secured. It's none of their business if say....shes been pregnant or has HIV or has been assaulted. ( None of these apply ) but with FULL ACESS TO MEDICAL RECORDS THEY HAVE IT ALL!! People are uninformed if they just sign those releases with out realizing exactly what they are releasing. THUS again my point is I have NO problem with anything related to migraines but not total access. I've seen " confidential" information on a teachers desk. I've seen the background checks run for volunteering and a fellow students dad had a drug arrest.I've see students name " Accidentally " be on a slide at a conference when the laptop went to home screen. ThIs was a special target conference so that students name was revealed as one in that group. Parents sued on that one. One size doesn't fit all, but without a willingness to see a different yet common issue / exception nothing ever gets accomplished.
  3. 1. Yes, I do have a choice. You are entirely missing the point... Which is let professionals be the expert. Teaching, medicine, banker etc. Do you think a teacher would know what "bradycardia restricts her ability to participate in gym" You understand that? Or Wolffe Parkinson White syndrome ? Or hyperkalemia ? 2. The state makes truancy laws. Schools make policies. 3. If a user name is ElleMD the question is appropriate... And it's obvious they are not or they would understand the physician territorialism. No wonder public education is in such a poor shape. Those who can't ....teach. This has been useless. I'll stick with advice I've receive from families who have experienced my situation. Thank you
  4. I guess I'm just not understanding why her specialist who has a relationship with her and whom we called when her migraine went beyond two days and who prescribed treatment based on our conversation and description of symptoms because no local doctor would do anything cause they didn't diagnosis her. Local doc wouldn't write excuse except for one day again cause he wasn't " the one". So "the one " who was willing and knew it was legit wrote one but school would accept because he did see her. Seems like it would have been better just to lie. Also this is the system that expects me to be give complete access to all medical records. Yeah they are trustworthy to protect them. If it was a narrower request... No problem. But an all inclusive for a full year access. No thanks. We don't access teacher records to see if they actually are educated to teach. We take the school's word, as they should take a physician ( not me... ) document without needing the whole chart. Are you an MD?
  5. It's not actually a no brainer because most doctors won't write excuses for conditions they don't treat or diagnosis. That's why we went with a specialist. Malpractice lawsuits actually have made this the norm. If it's not their area they won't touch it.
  6. Not everyone has access to pediatric specialists. We took her to a children's hospital for the very reason no local physician was trained in pediatric neurology. We see the doctors every 6 months. That's why she had a medical plan to follow. There is no reason to go see the doctor when they gave developed the medical plan for that very reason.
  7. My daughters school is refusing to accept her doctors written medical excuse because the doctor is out of state and she wasn't physically seen. She has a medical plan for migraines and was following what was written. She did go to a local clinic for other medications and testing too. She has exceeded the 10 excused they allow. They want access to her medical records and if we don't give them permission to access they are threating her to be served with truancy papers. She has a current IEP for learning issues and I have asked to have an ARC to include the migraines. They also want a signed release of all medical and psychological records. I don't see why the physician can't be the one to decide what they need instead of them access to all her records. They aren't doctors.
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