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  1. So last night a (presumably drugged up/schizo homeless) man came up to my department at work and started yelling at me telling me I was fired, demanded for my first and last name, etc. I told him what he wanted to hear so that he would leave and I could call security, but when he was walking away he noticed that I started calling security and started yelling again "you better not be calling ****ing security or I'm going to kill you, I'm going to ****ing kill you" and he ran into my department, and jumped onto my back and grabbed my by my neck with his arm and shoved me around. I managed to get away because he kind of slammed into the register making him let go, and then he tried leaving. The only security associate at work wasn't able to catch him and the police arrived too late, so he was able to get away. Now I'm wondering, what am I able to do in this case, am I able to get workers comp or something of the sort? I wasn't physically injured or anything so I'm not entirely sure. Also I have a feeling they might try to blame the accident on me, what should I do in that situation?? Any help/information is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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