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  1. My question is two fold, but fairly straight forward: I have an expungment hearing scheduled for mid May. My lawyer expects there to be no problem with it being approved. My question is afterwards, who am I responsible for contacting and delivering the expungement approval order too, versus who the court delivers the order too? Also, of the agencies I am responsible for delivering, if any, in general, who can I expect to be charged a fee to remove my criminal record from their agency's record?
  2. He's developmentally a bit younger, but chronologically he's 20. He's been in special ed in public schools, and is probably going to be going into a special ed type setting again. I looked up the supreme court ruling he alluded too, and it spoke of tier 1 sex offenses having the possibility of being taken off the registry, but I saw nowhere where a lewd molestation charge qualified. It's possible that the registration requirements from 1995 were not lifetime like they would be now, but again, that's still doubtful in his case. It was his 5yr old daughter after all. But in a nutshell, the ruling simply meant that whatever registration requirement was on the books at the time of a sex offenders conviction, was what they were to do. Any additions or modifications after that are null and void. Thinking he didn't have to register, and then NOT registering for several years is EXACTLY what got him a failure to register charge in 2003, and it literally destroyed our whole family and completely tore apart my life. It's very possible that he is making the exact same mistake again, and I just don't want my son to suffer for his stupidity, but I have to be very careful on when and how to go about it since he's offering my son room and board and a possible chance at finishing high school. I don't want to derail anything positive going on in my boys life. It's quite a balancing act for me for sure. Does anyone know where online I can find what the rules were for sex offenses in 1995?
  3. Back in 1995, my ex was convicted of lewd molestation against his 5yr old daughter. He had to register, but stopped after awhile, claiming he no longer had too since he was off probation. Fast forward to 2003. He was arrested and charged with failing to register and enabling child sexual abuse. He was found not guilty on the enabling child sexual abuse charge, but convicted on the failure to register charge and sentenced to 5yrs. He was let out of prison in 2007. Since then, he has mainly lived in Oklahoma but has also lived in Texas. He claims he no longer has to register and that it's been taken care of as of 2014. His pre computer online case states the file has been destroyed, however, there is nothing on the docket that would indicate he had the 1995 case reversed at all. Is there a way to find out if he still has to register, and under what circumstances would he no longer be required too? He claims a lawyer got him off from it, but the lawyer he's speaking of is the one I hired from the enabling child sexual abuse charge. He also says he was in a fender bender back about a month ago, and the officer, when looking up his information on his license, found no warrants, so that's also an indicator he doesn't have to register? Is there any possible way, outside of court intervention, that he wouldn't have to register. This is in Oklahoma. For years I have ignored him and have kept a "live and let live" attitude concerning him, and all has been fine. However, in recent months, he has gotten involved with my son, and has basically begun turning his world upside down. He's a very negative influence on my son, and I've already noticed a change in attitude with him. He's much angrier, and combative. (my son).
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