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  1. The purpose is for everyone to understand who a pipe on the street would make a roof collapse, like the other member that asked.
  2. The water company knew this pipes had to be replaced. The person responsible said it himself on the news interview. http://www.fox5dc.com/news/local-news/montgomery-county-water-main-break-is-a-sign-of-a-larger-problem
  3. I believe they have a case , look at the images before and after the water hit the house.
  4. My sister in law's house had her roof collapsed due to a broken water pipe in the street in front of her house. The water company put the whole family in a hotel because the house is completely damaged.This was all over the news yesterday in Montgomery County. I know the insurance will pay for the house repairs but I was wondering if they can sue the water company for all the stress the family is going through. What type of lawyer would take a case like this.
  5. Finally one supervisor reached out to me saying they are working on taking care of this issue. Now I'm hoping to get my money back.
  6. Yes, that's exactly what's been going on. My next step will be to stop banking withdrawal and contact the state corporate commission.
  7. Yes , the car was always insured and after the accident it was totaled. I returned the tags to DMV and informed the insurance company. I spoke to different customers representatives on this ordeal, I have all their names and dates. I really don't want to see a lawyer because it will cost a lot more than I paid for having the car on the policy. I will definitely look into this web site you sent. Thanks I appreciate the information.
  8. First they said it was because the claim was open, I was naive and didn't understand about billing. Then I thought the price went up because the accident was my fault,but now i just got another renewal and started to ask around and see that this is their mistake. I can never contact the insurance company they always refer me to the agent. I reported to better business bureau since they can't resolve this issue. I wonder if they are going to refund for all these months they are charging me.
  9. I've been charged for a vehicle that I disposed since 11-29-2016 ,called and talked to several customers rep,send e-mail,photos,DMV letter and still can see this vehicle on my policy. Should I move to the next round and seek legal help. I'ts unbelievable that something like this I can't solve with the agents. Does anyone have a problem like this. Thanks
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