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  1. So then, how does it work if the policy holder (the insured) of that car occasionally lets a friend or relative drive who is not in the household? The relevant state is South Carolina.
  2. What I mean that the person's wife is on the insurance policy (with her husband), she is not on the title. Only her husband is. What then is the possible advantage (or consequences legally) for someone (like the wife in this case) to be insured as well as her husband but not be on the title of ownership? Maybe I'm not making myself clear again. If so, I'll try to explain again.
  3. If a person is not on car title but is on insurance policy with title holder, what liabilities does the title holder have and what responsibilities does the person sharing insurance policy have?
  4. I would like info about setting up a Miller Trust. Question is what is a Miller Trust useful for? I understand it's useful for help with Medicaid, but how?
  5. Have a very good day. And by the way, now I know what someone means when they say their lawyer did not do a very good job. Meantime, no one knows anything. :- Again have a really good day.
  6. For tax purposes re: a condo. We are planning to move but I have questions and so thanks and I hope you have a good day.
  7. How long do I have to live in Florida to homestead.
  8. I went down to office to read the big document about condo bylaws or whatever. I could not understand it, and it was immense. So one of the governors asked me what am I looking for (they wanted $60 for a copy, said I received it when I first got the condo -- I don't remember getting it, but anyway -- I couldn't find what I was looking for, very detailed and legalese type talk.) So I asked him about first right. He said that I can leave it to anyone but in order for them to live here they must meet the qualifications. Income & age & background check. If the inheritor wants to rent it he must keep it for a year w/o renting it and pay the maintenance during that time. But! I still don't understand what it means the first right of ass'n to buy it at market value. He explained that they don't want to sell it to a corporation or charity because they don't know what they will do with the property. I didn't see that in the rules, but I'll ask where they are.
  9. I wonder what the manager of the condo association meant when she explained that if I leave the condo to a friend, the condo does not have to accept that, they (the condo ass'n) can buy it at market value. Can someone explain to me what this means, because I am going to visit the lawyer soon in PA, but I found out that my lawyer here in FL (who is a real estate attorney of all things), did not know the rules of the condo ass'n here even though she's done work for them she still didn't know that we could not leave it to a charity. If the condo ass'n buys it at market value, I have two questions. How would that be according to the will if we leave it to a friend? Would he get the amount the condo ass'n buys it for? I am seeing the PA lawyer soon because you never know when we can die and I don't want this up in the air, I know I have to see a FL attorney when we move down here for good. Soooo many questions...
  10. Yes, my lawyer here in Florida mentioned taxes were less and that I could homestead. Not sure about homesteading requirements yet. We already own a condo here in Florida and gave up the homestead when we moved to Pennsylvania, but are planning to move back to Florida permanently within the next 12 months. But since I may move back before my husband does (probably not though, but could be), that's another reason why I was wondering about residency and how to figure it for tax purposes. P.S. I usually do overthink things, which is why perhaps my blood pressure is so high.
  11. That makes sense. The attorney here in Florida told me it takes six months and a day to establish residency here. If I recall what she said correctly. My question is: what if I am here six months and a day but not my husband? How does that work if we want to make a revocable trust in Florida? (This whole thing is giving me a lot of angst.)
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