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  1. thanks to everyone for replying! If my dad already GIFTED all his wealth and assets to his girlfriend , even if my mom try to divorce or sue or whatever legal action , will she be able to get any money back at all considering dad GIFTED away everything? me and my mom came to USA about 29 years ago , many years after that , we got our American citizenship certificate. Taiwanese OR Chinese embassy or consulate , how much will it cost roughly to meet and have a meeting with them??
  2. PLEASE HELP , my father abandoned me / my father NEVER supported me financially since I was born , I moved from Taiwan to USA when I was 8 age with my mom , and I mom raised me but my father NEVER sent any money to help for our living expenses. Im 37 age now , during my time in USA , my father had another girlfriend in Taiwan and they have 2 kids WITHOUT never filing a divorce with my mom even till today . my dad is now 76 age with many serious health problem including cancer and the average life span for men in Taiwan is 77 , Based what he is telling me about his health situation , Im worried that he may not even have 1 or 2 years left to stay alive . Ok well here is the BIG PROBLEM , my mom told me that my dad probably sold ALL his assets ( cash , bank balance , stocks funds , real estate , etc. , etc. ) and maybe GIFT it all to not sure who , maybe spread across ( his girlfriend , and their children on their end ) I assuming my dad did this because he knows he will pass away very soon and he want to give 100 percent of his wealth to his girlfriend and their children INSTEAD of my side of the family , Im extremely worried because its a HUGE estimated amount, I say estimated over 1 million dollars in total asset value the past 30 years plus after he passes away , and very sadly he is leaving me and my side of the family (me , my mom , my brothers ) ZERO DOLLARS , all 100 percent is going to them, and we all have tried to ask our dad to pay us some financial responsibility , HE REFUSED. my dad is an very non responsible person Sadly when he passes away he can NOT bring his money to heaven , and 100 percent of estimated over 1 million dollars in assets is ALL going to their end , and ZERO for us. There are also many stories in the past , that my dad also sold my moms real estates and NEVER gived my mom a single penny for it , thats why Im extremely upset right now and would like to ask , If there is ANY LEGAL ACTION ANYONE ME AND MY FAMILY CAN TAKE about this issue to recover any amount of money and asset possible? divorce? child support? alienation? child abandoned? legal WILL?? ANYTHING WE CAN SUE FOR? we do not understand the law and what we CAN sue about this issue , will it be too late after my dad passes away?? Is it possible for me to sue under my moms name and on her behalf? Advices and help would be very thankful!
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