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  1. pg1067 I doubt that you went through that courthouse, or perhaps you're an attorney, paralegal, or a jurisprudent person - someone who's less likely to become a victim of related misconducts. Back then I was indigent because I smoked too much marijuana that significantly declined my discernment. I couldn't even speak up for myself. San Fernando Superior Court's legal practitioners exploited that matter & debilitated me by screwing up my record that would prevent me from getting into high paid jobs. I was abused by legal cowards and soon became homeless & abysmally destitute. But after I quit the dolt drug... Now I'm a successful entrepreneur who's gonna become very affluent really quick and buy those white-livered law practitioners who were screwing up my life while I was young. You're clearly out of wits and can't overcome an argument with me... I'm too shrewd for you =)) Have a nice day!
  2. Dude you neither SAID it? I told you need to check yourself... Drive carefully and "ranting" are completely different things. like talking or hitting are completely different things. You don't even yet know what proof I have and you already correcting me. Please don't waste both of our times. Ask if you're not sure. You're asking "oh really?" Yes really! Many who have gone through that courthouse and listened to my story agreed with me! that "The Courthouse is a mess"; have YOU ever gone through that courthouse? now do some math... It was regarding THAT courthouse! where perhaps administrative auditions are neglected. And missing evidence files of misconduct victims' is quite common at that courthouse when cases are over. Perhaps they never expected ME to go after them and punish them. When I become wealthy I'll punish each and everyone involved in that case including corrupt cops that illegally arrested me. I proved an illegal arrest because I have a recording of me talking to Detective Kohls, a corrupted puppet! Again you don't know what proof I have up my sleeves so please hold your horses. And then you can't expect everyone to PERFECTLY tell you the way YOU think it should sound like... You're in the wrong world to expect such things. Although I agree to your last statement that it would be more accurate to say that some law practitioners and not the courthouse itself. Still by addressing about the Courthouse is no fallacy.
  3. The reason for that is that in writing it's a developing story. This is just strong assumption based on facts I'm willing to present to authorities. I never claimed that the ENTIRE COURT is corrupt. On some news blogs I even wrote that most law practicing staff I've witnessed at that court, and that perhaps there are honorable staff there too. I will provide my entire story. As soon as I finish crafting the precise annotation. For now all I asked was what to do in such cases (if my premises are true). Doesn't mean I don't have strongly supporting facts. And then of course a case that was a misconduct can be considered as an unwanted outcome. However fraudulent/unlawful law practice is not the way to conduct cases. Thanks!
  4. pg1067 I'm not ranting esp. without any supporting facts. You need to check yourself. And not jump into naive conclusions. If moderators edit my true opinion that I am voicing all over the internet. This is not the only blog I'm bringing my concern to the attention. Court messed with wrong people. I'm willing to invest my entire life to fight such corruption to make our country better.
  5. I strongly believe San Fernando Courthouse located at 900 3rd St, San Fernando, CA 91340 is Corrupted! I must reveal criminally fraudulent court staff (that practice law, including judges) to the right authorities, and fix my record that was damaged by the courthouse' misconduct. The questionable attorney at court of appeal (The Law Offices of Kent D. Young) IMHO didn't even move a finger to help me. I realize it's a BOLD statement citing with a term "CORRUPTED". However, I can prove it! And I have several innocent people with similar stories confirming my allegations, and they're ready to testify. Please name all authorities that will handle the Courthouse's corruption. If you prefer to know the story I will annotate it here too. Thank you!
  6. My pleasure. I wonder whether FTC.org could do any good.. they have blogs like trustlink, with ongoing complaints. This is pseudomarketing and must be passed illegal in the US. It's a threat to our nations economy. The more corruption removed the richer country will become. The quick and sound way to remove most corruption is not by punishment, but by rewarding for revealing and removing. (Price of learning) Many may disagree. In future you'll see I'm right about it =)) didn't mean to digress off subject, it's just all connected =))
  7. I know this because in 2015 i was trying to earn for living and was in it! Working for marketing company called ENVY marketing, in Glendale CA. We started selling for Solcius solar company. Not only i'm a witness i know the entire sales process. When I started figuring that it's all fraud, and I didn't get a dime compensation for... my mom advised me to change my career and after 1 month of working there I quit. And never got conpensated for any work... but I learned powerful sales techniques. So I don't regret being there... Officerripley didnt have to tell me the full story for me to know what kind of thing could have happened to him. Because majority solar companies practice similar marketing techniques and people get stuck with contracts... Only after I quit I realized this is a big problem causing industry.
  8. This is why I love being single =))) can get a chick of any choice, anytime... and not obligated to any b.. =)) I'm 35 and I look 20 because i'm afraid of marriage i never married yet to my luck!!! US marriage system is draining youth and potential to become rich and overall potential to make a better economy! Over 50% divorces? No thanx! But to make a family I believe abroad girls are best choice nowadays... healthwise... and can be trained to see the world through scope of love & wisdom... not through wallet hole locals cause... =)) locals become blasé very quick... sorry ladies... it's the truth. It should be when there's a divorce money must go to children not former wife... f. the former wife, i'd mostly care about kids. As long as they grow happy that's what matters...
  9. Should've say it's damaged all along =))) just kidding. I think it's kind of bulliying. On the other hand, it'll be like litigating over spilt milk... whilst there wasn't any loss. They didn't move the father's vehicle with any bad intentions. unless, of course, if the vehicle was damaged that's a separate story.
  10. I'll be honest with you officerripley that you HAVE been sort of defrauded by solar co!!! They got you on a hook. It's obviously wrong. I would too breach thre contract, many people probably do, solar co's can't go after everyone. Sales/marketing crew that walk around and sell the fraud with a conspiracy theory that raises customer's impulse to jump into the deal... I've studied their selling techniques and I cant blame the buyers they WERE defrauded. They're like soldiers, finecomb brush through neighborhood with their conspiracy theory that you would beat prices, beat edison's rates. They come up to you saying have you heard the news of what's going on in your neighbourhood? " san onofre power plant has been shut down and the electric bill rates are about to spike up... or "you're probably wondering what our work trucks are doing in your neighbourhood, fyi we work with edisons green energy... we're non profit. So on n so forth.. there are many stories they get you with, that's just one out of 1000s. They use terms to stimulate customers' greed, fear, and other 3 aspects responsible for your decision making that will surely CLOSE the sale eg. "Just like your neighbor did." - is one way to stimulate one's greed. They may even approach you as if they're from edison, or your electric co at first. Then confuse you into the conversation so that you forget they said they're "working with edison", namedrops, (because they're connected to edison's grid now makes them "they work with edison") semantics, and the like premeditated techniques refined daily by groups of skilled sellers... I think I somewhere have a copy of the selling approach... many sellers are skilled former telemarketers. That work for marketing company which skillfully sell for solar companies now. I'D breach the contract and spread the word for others to do so too... Have you watched the movie Pay it forward? At harvard psych 1508 on psychology of leadership they broke down how to mass contaminate people with information. Be a contageous leader by making others spread the info exponentially. At the power of 64 you'll cover the whole planet! Only 64 steps was required to cover the whole planet with Rice! Not even people. So you need even less steps than that... if you're confused let me know I'll explain you the trick better...
  11. I used this site itself as a legal advisor and it's like having a free lawyer... ask further questions that you need to know and sharp members will reply with ideas...? Regarding what type of lawyer, imho we'll get the answer soon... did you join to their postings on truthinadvertising.org? writing out your concern will contribute to numbers and develop your story... Good luck!
  12. I apologized to the neighbor for my mistake. And by doing that I made relationship even closer letting her know I realized I was wrong and immediately apologized
  13. LoL =))) ic. Thanx for the info... pg1067! Wow you really broke it down all the way. Now it's all clear.
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