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  1. My mom is 76 and has recently been placed in a assisted living. Her husband (my stepfather) has moved out of the house they shared and is now living with his daughter. The property is in both names and he has decided to put the house on the market. He says the proceeeds will be split 50/50. My stepfather has primary POA and my sister is an alternate. Can my stepfather sell the house and sign any documents for him and my mom?Can my my mom get a new POA that replaces the one in effect now? Is there a way to ensure any proceeds are split as promised? I am afraid my stepfather and his daughter will try to do something backhanded. I want to make sure my mom is protected.
  2. I was in the hospital for 5 days after I swallowed a foreign object that was in a pre-made food container. The object punctured my esphogus. I have already hired an attorney. His office took some information and I was told I would be hearing from an insurance adjuster for the grocery chain. It has been 2 months and I have not heard anything from anybody including my attorney. I have emailed his office twice and I have called once but I am not getting a response. One of my concerns I had in my initial visit with the attorney was communication. I told him I wanted to be kept in the loop. Am I being impatient? Should I be more aggressive or is this the normal course?
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