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  1. i have a house that i got before married and only my name on the Mortagage i have a kidney issue and i could die anytime ,, can i transfer the house to my wife even i still pay mortagge every month ,, if i do quite claim to my wife with $10 or $0 and transfer it to my wife name and will keep pay the mortage if my wife want to sell the house in the future are they going to charge her for the income for example i purchesed the house in 2006 for $100,000 , and now i will sell it to my wife or transfer it to her for $10 or $0 ,, if she sell the house later on for $,90,000 dose she has to pay taxes for the 90,000 or she will not going to pay anything because the original sale was for 100,000 or i should sell it to her for $100.000 and pay $700 recording fee we dont live in the house now im renting out and
  2. I got a lawyer and his way is planing to push the Mortgage company to sue the Estate of the deceased owner and ask the court to order the judge to clear my side since the deceased person didn't pay the note (( mortgage ) is that the best rout ,, do you think is that correct ? dose anyone a case that the Mortgage company or the lender able to collect the money from the Estate or probate account please let me know
  3. I got the House from Th county foreclosure auction and that was HOA foreclosure I paid $100,000 the owner after the foreclosure auction got the Judge to order the surplus money for him His mortgage company never came to claim the money or to stop the foreclosure action The Past owner deceased before he cash out the Surplus money and last December the Mortgage company sue me and the deceased person to do foreclosure on the house His Family got a probate and open up an estate account in the bank in behave of the deceased family member and deposit it the Surplus check ,, what i should do ? can i ask the Judge to order the Mortgage company to collect the money from the Estate account Since the Estate representative Job to pay all the Creditor before dividing the money between themselves ? Is the Mortgage company Notes is a (( Loan )) since the house is not belong to the deceased person or to the Estate any more i didn't know there is a mortgage did anyone know a case like mine ,, in state of Florida so i can see a reference or anyone know a website i can search the Florida cases search by keywords
  4. I got a complected issue and need everyone help I purchased a house from county foreclosure auction for 100 k and i paid the back taxes and utility liens , I found out after i paid that there is over 95 k in surplus account , I request to get my money back for the Back taxes and utility lien , But the last owner hired a surplus lawyer and they denied my motion and they give the surplus money ( Over $95,000 ) to the owner because the owner representative said in the court there is no Mortgage or notes in the house and i never pay attention to this because i just paid Extra $5000 for the taxes ,, then last November i paid the real estate taxes on November 1st and a part of this taxes should be paid by the past owner , anyway December i got served for foreclosure on the house and I found out that the owner had mortgage Notes and never clear it out for $200,000 ,, and when i got the house was an HOA foreclosure the case not finished yet i checked the court and i found out that the Surplus check was not cashed yet , and i found out the the past owner died , and finally last month the deceased family opened an estate account ,, and deposited the check in the account i know i should do a lien search before i buy the house but ,, after you read this issue can you help me ?? Can i get the judge to order the bank to collect the Note (( $200,000 ) from the Estate account Can the bank continue in the foreclose case since the Borrower died few months ago ? how long Creditor have to get this money ? can i claim the money that i paid (( over $100,000 )) since the past owner never mention in the court that they got a lean in the house can the judge just discard all of this circumstance and continue with the foreclosure even i didn't barrow any money ?
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