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  1. Thank you so much for the quick response. With this company I was working with the Beautiful folks that have one or more types of mental illness. My job description included everything from getting them ready for the day to cooking, feeding them, helping them with their ADL's to driving them to & from appointments & shopping. Sometimes even out of town to visit their Family. However, I am very sad to say that I don't work with that company anymore. Thursday the 25th ended up being my last day. I was very happily surprised with my 6 year old Grandson came to live with me. There was just no way possible that I was going to be able to work those kind of hours anymore. As it was, my Husband & I never got to see each other. Either he was leaving when I got home or he was just getting up when I was going to bed. Or else it was vice versa. So I know that trying to raise a 6 year old (an Autistic 6 year old) just was not possible. Thank you again for your answers to my question. I was really surprised that there aren't any guide lines to how long an Employer is actually okay with how long of a shift that an Employee is willing to work before they finally are able to go home (or just collapse from exhaustion lol)
  2. Is it legal for an employer to work you for 18 hours at one time & then get off for 6 hours (never really 6 whole hours by time I would clock out, drive home, clean up & finally fall asleep). Then expect you to show up to work for your next shift, which starts in 6 hours. I would work from 9 am to 3 am. Then back again by 9 am. Sometimes to work the same exact shift...
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