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  1. I am considering requesting a change of venue? Can I request this anytime ? I filled an ECO mid summer, my ex has had supervised visitation and still currently has them its still going my way sorta but we had a pre trial conference and there was some modifications to the supervision in my ex favor but its still supervised my ex has a family member that has worked for the court house for years but not currently at the time but my ex family member has traveled 600 miles one way to be at every hearing. and my ex family member has conversations with multiple people working in the office I'm talking like hugging and I miss you like my ex family member was friends with everyone, and I know my ex family member was really good friends with someone that was high in authority in the court house. why I know is because I have been in this persons house to attend his pets when they are out of town a couple times. I like to think they wouldn't intervene in the safety of a child. I am a very humble person that thinks the best in everyone and I have new evidence that should be a nail in the coffin but should I present it before the request or should I just ride this out if a judge doesn't go the way I want then request a change? I am paying for legal help and I have brought this up but they said the judge would do whats best for the child at the first hearing my legal help even recognized the family member we are going against. and the judge already said that this was not permanent or a punishment for my ex and the judge said she personally knew my ex family member and granted her over nights when they are in town and I'm tired of forking out money when I am completely capable of raising my child and letting my ex have visitation when ever they want I haven't tolled my ex no in 8 months on visitations
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