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  1. My husband and I had to do some jail time he was charged for dui and later they charged me with reckless endangerment because I left my children with my husband their father. Instead of cps taking my kids I called on my mother and her husband to come take care of our children during all that bull. While incarcerated my mother takes my children out of state files for guardianship in Arizona I was served court papers while in jail. I had no other choice at that time no legal advice. No way of getting any advice in the time frame given by Arizona courts. After being released from jail after 6 months in Utah we were ordered to probation unable to leave the state. We finished probation and as released sold our home and property and moved out to Arizona we have only been able to see our kids 4 times in the 2yrs. Guardians have denied us any contact or visitations with our mail presents card letters all sent back. A protective order for my mother and my children had been filed and dropped by the judge. My mother and her husband have caused us to loss our jobs has gotten us evicted from the campground we were staying at. And now they are trying for child support. Which I have no problem with if we had been able to have visitations family counseling contact, anyou sort of rebuilding our family and healing healthy together as a family. If their asking for support can we ask for visitations. First off it is our responsibility to raise and support our child as parents No one else but we've been denied that as well. What do we do? We want our children back and we feel like we have been alienated from all of our family in fear of my mother denying them any contact with our kids. Please help court hearing I Feb 22.2018
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