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  1. No in all Honesty i don't get in trouble, last offence was the domestic in 2005. I been cooperating since day one and that's what is hurting me actually. I was selling my car to a friend and i noticed he had a gun. I asked to hand it to me to put under the seat. We booth forgot and i get pulled over. No Lie. Just my luck.. I guess another part i don't get is that they took my DNA on the 08/07/17 and got the results back 08/14/17 and didn't arrest me until 12/22/17 the Crime lab report. It stated : THE DNA PROFILE OBTAINED FROM ITEM 1-1 (SWABBING OF REVOLVER) IS A MIXTURE OF AT LEAST THREE INDIVIDUALS. THE MAJOR DNA PROFIE OBTAINED FROM 1-1 MATCHES THE DNA PROFILE FROM "MY NAME" . THE MAJOR DNA PROFILE OBTAINED FROM 1-1 WOULD NOT TO BE EXPECTED TO OCCUR MORE THAN ONCE AMONG UNRELATED INDIVIDUALS IN THE WORLDS POPULATION. THIS STATISTIC IS BASED ON 21 OF 21 LOCI. THE MINOR DNA PROFILE OBTAINED FROM 1-1 CANNOT BE INTERPRTETED BECAUSE IT DOES NOT MEET THE HCSO CRIME LAB MIM INTERPRTATION CRITERIA. Also not to mention it took them 55min to read my Miranda rights and i asked them from the start in my i going to jail, cop says yes and still not until we got to the police station and in a room was i read. What can happen there.
  2. So if the charge does get dismissed can the Federal pick up the charge then? Does double jeopardy fall in play? \
  3. Crime of Violence is a felony as in its definition
  4. I have been arrested and charged and have a public defender who is obviously very busy. I was convicted in 2005 Misdemeanor 5th degree Domestic Assault MN Statute609.2242 S1. I completed my probation and everything I had to do. Since 2005 i had not got in to any trouble and I do not have a felony on my record at all. 08/05/2017 My friend wanted to test drive my car i was selling and i noticed he had a gun so i asked him for it so i can out it away. He forgot the gun and I get pulled over and held on a PC charge and was let go after the PC hold was up. On 12/22/2017 the courts decided to put a felony warrant out for my arrest with out notice with $150,000.00 bond. Seen the judge the next day bail did not go down but IM out on conditions. Charged with --Possess Ammo/ firearm- Conviction or Adjudicated for a Crime of Violence MN Statute0624.713.1(2)with reference to 609.11.5 (b), 609.11.9 And there stating i had been convicted or adjudicated delinquent in the state or else where of a crime of violence, Assault in the 5th degree. Now i was doing some research in MN statutes and its states a crime of violence has to be a felony. And IM not or was charged for a felony.
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