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  1. I am currently 18 years old, and I am working under what seem to be several suppressive members of the office, that seem to be inhibiting my ability to proceed onwards from high school, due to their lack of follow through and knowledge on accommodations given to a special education student, such as myself. I am currently categorized under emotionally disturbed and do not have any learning disabilities, however, school has been tough for me because of my battle with depression and anxiety. The school has seemed to do little or none on helping me with this problem besides scheduling the mandatory PPT meetings and putting me in a singular Special Education Class, which practically offers no help. My current problem is truly a multitude of things that I will do my best to describe below. To start, despite the scheduling of PPT's, placement into Special Education, and an addition of a class said to "help me" it appears I have reaped no benefits from any of these said academic aids. Few of my teachers have given me any accommodations that are stated on my 504 and IEP, my guidance counselor also seems to be not enforcing these accommodations very well. Over the course of my senior year, my grades have been very good, probably averaging into a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and I have shown considerable improvement in my academic pursuits compared to my past year and a half. Much of my last year and a half have been hard for me, going in and out of the hospital and seeking therapy twice a week. I ended up failing 3 classes, over the course of my sophomore and junior year, however one is about to be regained and another is only failing due to homework completion. Now they are telling my I will likely not be able to graduate due to being half a credit short of the requirement, I will not be able to go on the normal internship that seniors go on, and my transcript will be sent out showing Im a junior, making my colleges all deny me. They have shown little help to me, in fact over the course of the several years, Ive had a hard time just getting information about my progress and what they could do to help me, getting answers like "I dont know" and "maybe you should ask the teacher yourself" because, they did not follow through on their duties to check in with teachers. As you may expect, this is devastating to me, as all I get is occasional updates of me being unable to graduate, rather than them doing anything to help me with hopefully graduating. I honestly do not get along with my guidance counselor and school psychiatrist, and was wondering what I could do to gain leverage over this situation so that I may graduate! And if it was possible to not allow the school psychiatrist to talk to me, as he has only made the situation worse, often being very harsh and rude, not actually benefiting me in any form, but rather going out of his way to put me down. I really hope someone can help, because this really could be the end of my educational pursuits if I let them have complete control and ultimately work against my graduation.
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