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  1. Ok..have current contract for deed w a man, bought house in Feb 2017 paid $5000 down cash and financed balance at 8.5%. We have never been over 30 days w full payment ( including late fee) the payment for Dec 2017 is now past due 2 days..under contract he can begin foreclosure but it is unclear what that entails because first the contract for deed never recorded at courthouse, and specifics of any foreclosure proceedings not outlined in contract. Contract closed at his office, NOT in front of notary, his wife (co/owner) wasn't present she had already signed and he also left us with huge plumbing problem that we had to fix that was supposedly repaired before purchase but then plumber refused to touch it again..contract in alabama btw..any thoughts..on procedure, length of time, reprocussiono we have if we totally catch up the 1 payment soon plus January 2018 payment..will that stop anything ge has done? We have been told our "possession/occupation" of property outweighs his rights and he will have hard time evicting us if we pay anything at all considering nothing late since purchase..
  2. Probate ends in march of this year. Executor did sign auction agreement for auction to be held but it was clearly stated in open court on the record which items belonged exclusively to my fiance (the equal heir I refer to) and that those items were to b excluded from the sale. On day of sale, items were placed in open view, opening bids thrown out by auctioneer then when no one bid on expensive bedroom set that was excluded, auctioneer said "I'll do u favor and start bid at 400$ " then when it didn't sell he told judge at next court date that he bought the furniture as,a favor so my fiance wouldn't lose it? Is this not considered "capping"? He didn't have atty previously but about to retain one to file suit against estate lawyer/auctioneer..any other suggestions? Thank you
  3. any legal info on estate auctioneer 'trapping" legal heir with price setting on personal property items already noted in court to belong to him? also estate attorney hired by older sister who is executor failed to submit any documents regarding bills, insurance, mortgage statements, medical, etc for equal heir to review as ordered by judge. judge of probate in this court actually previously represented this heir before in criminal case which is grounds for recusal? judge did not make executor or the attorney provide these documents even after he ordered them to do so...atty slandered heir in open court and on written petition, estate closes probate in march, 2018. can heir sue lawyer, have judge recused and sue auctioneer for above mentioned.?
  4. need any info on contract for deed foreclosure laws in alabama and if anyone ever dealt with it?
  5. need any info on contract for deed foreclosure laws in alabama and if anyone ever dealt with it?
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