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  1. Thank you Sir! Appreciate your response and guidance. Indeed very helpful..... I looked at the paperwork and here's the approximate numbers .... Condo Appraised value at the time of marriage - $245k Maintenance expense & depreciation as per the taxes - $43k as of 2017 Rental Income from the time of marriage till divorce - $ 180k Condo Appraised value at the time of divorce filing --- Husband refused to do this Equity on the condo after loan pay off - $100k We have paid $122k from joint account ... All i am requesting is getting my $60k .. do you think i stand a chance?
  2. We live in state of New Jersey...My husband and I are married for 7 years and currently going through the divorce from past one year....My husband had a pre-marital condo which he bought 3 months prior to our marriage... We stayed there for couple of months and put it on rent. - We have been paying the mortgage and HOA for the condo from our joint bank account from past 5 years...In total it's close to $122k that we paid together from the joint funds...I have all the bank statements and other evidence for the same. My question is since it's a pre-marital property but we have paid so much of money together... Will i get any share? I am representing myself in the court but i am unable to find any law that states on the pre-marital asset that has been paid out from joint marital funds. Any help and guidance is greatly appreciated! If there are any reference articles that can be shared from law that explains this situation...
  3. Thank you for your response! I am in state of NJ... I spoke to my attorney yesterday and she suggested to report to police, if i am frightened. I will check with her if there is an option for exclusive use of marital home... Do i need to provide any evidence before reporting to police on his behavior? Also, could you please advise if the court entertains evidences that he is trying to create by recording on phone , texts and long emails creating stories. Appreciate your guidance..
  4. We are going through divorce process from past 5 months..and the early settlement conference is set in a month... We are living in same house with our child. My husband has been continuously trying to fabricate evidences and create false stories / situations to blame me from past couple of months. He has been writing me long emails with false allegations or with a motive to create evidence for fake story. Also, he keeps his phone on recording and tries to pick a fight saying that "i am trying to alienate him from his son".... i have noticed that he is doing all this on purpose....I feel scared as he comes so strong on me sometimes when i am alone in my room and when i ask him to leave he doesn't go.... With the given situation that we are living together in same house during this process, its emotionally causing me lot of stress and i am not sure how to handle all such behavior. He has been doing this on-purpose from couple of months as he has been planning on it... should i go to police or attorney and how they can help me in this situation? Also, when we show the evidences in court... does the evidences after divorce is filed matters or valid?
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