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  1. I write a daily log everyday and I have all copies of dwc forms and reports mri-emg/ncs . And yes I did make a report on the same day of injury with the plant and my company at the time they put it down as a first aid lumbar sprain . I’m guessing that’s why they never gave me prescriptions or put restrictions so it wouldn’t be a recordedable
  2. Ohh I put that in first post Houston,Texas
  3. Mri said I had Herniated disc l5-s1 3 mm protrusion then I got a emg/ncs and that said I had a pinch nerve l5-s1 shocks down legs -pain in butt checks and sharp pain in lower left back
  4. I haven’t got any help from workers comp doctor besides the usuall it will heal with time so I started stretching and making a ginger tea with raw honey and lime and I got the spasms down so now I just got a pain in my lower back when I put pressure like lifting objects heavier than 5-10 pounds or walking long periods of time also I went to state doctor and he says that he don’t believe they injury was caused by the accident so they might stop treating me I just got approved to see a orthopedic doctor and I was gonna get the injection waiting on that ... I do have a lawyer but they said they will lose in court because my primary doctor put no restrictions for 3-4 months still working light duty and the state doctor results ....so they droppig me from case . I made a complaint against the doctor for falsifying a dwc forum to the medical board .. last time I seen him was 11/29/17 after that appointment I did emg test which they told me I had a pinch nerve 7 days later I went to go see the doctor puig he wasn’t there so I seen another doctor in same office he put restrictions etc but come to find out puig falsified that document and put no restrictions and put that one on my file .... it’s crazy what some doctors Do so it’s my word against theirs .. I think it’s better to just leave it alone and find a way to fix my self
  5. Okay so I was at work and the jacks gave out on the mobile office trailer I was in I had a sharp pain in my lower back went to company doctor he said it should be fine in a couple weeks took X-rays nothing was wrong he put no work restrictions 3 weeks later it got worse now I was getting a pain going down my leg so he said wait til a mei gets a approved still no restrictions so I got mri done and it came out to be a 3mm protrusion l5-s1 well he said just stretch you will be fine no restrictions so I’m still hurting and going to work telling my boss the pain is horriable I can’t do my job he gets mad so last month they were like well idk what’s wrong let’s get a emg/ncs so I stuck it out at work filing in office only light duty they have til I got it done last Wednesday and he said I had a pinch nerve at l5-s1 .... so my boss was like well the doctor still cleared you to go to work so ..... yeah is there anything I can do this pain hurts my legs feel like they go numb now in my opinion I think I’m making it worse by working but what can I do ? In texas
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