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    Missing child withdrawn from school

    Her father and I were never married but jurisdiction and custody/visitation had been established in another court. The ad litem was the only person to contact me during the case and I had never been contacted by a social worker. My daughter admitted to the ad litem that she was instructed to call the abuse hotline by a social worker in order to lie to create a reason to be removed from my home. She shared with the ad litem that she had planned her runaway in order to be adopted by the boy’s mother and she reported this information to the court. She was fired that same day and the cause numbers on her release and report were changed. The clerk said that it was an attempt for the documents to be placed into another person’s file but no one had yet been assigned that particular cause number so it stayed in my file. ( I found several other family’s documents in my file ) The ad litem did what she could as well as the ongoing Cps worker, who disagreed with the court’s decision. I have exhausted my administrative remedies and the governor, TSCLE, OIG, OCA for DFPS and they all tell me that it is a crime. I need to know where to go now if the Rangers refuse to investigate. I understand that attorneys have a loyalty to the tribunal, but not for a situation as egregious and outrageous as this....please I just need a point in the right direction....
  2. doit4mykaila

    Drug testing guidelines

    If you refuse, they’ll try to threaten you with jail, but that would be absolutely in violation of your protected rights. Better question would be why are they assuming that you have drugs in your system? Did you do something wrong?
  3. doit4mykaila

    Drug testing guidelines

    You have a right not to incriminate yourself. 5th amendment right. You have a right To be free from “exploratory” searches and siezures unless they have a warrant. Go to your doctors office and volunteer a drug test from a DOCTOR. Not a court. I would suggest you get to know exactly what your inherit rights are that are protected by the constitution before going back into that court.
  4. My daughter was abducted from my home by a 20yr old man. Two weeks after she disappeared I was served a Notice with an Order attached to the Notice that stated that SOLE custody of my daughter had been given to the State and the Order enjoined me from having contact with my child EVER AGAIN. I have never abused my daughter, and I was never adjudicated to be an unfit parent. Is it legal for our children to be kidnapped without a hearing? There are federal laws pertaining to what a state official must do when they find a missing child. Can anyone give me answers or a statute that says that is legal?
  5. doit4mykaila

    Cult activity

    Have you ever thought that maybe your son was involved with abusing her too? Cult activity=group participation
  6. doit4mykaila

    Missing child and dirty politics

    Attorneys obviously have a loyalty to the tribunal, but that will never end my fight to receive any answers or support. This is my child that was kidnapped by criminals....I will never stop until I receive justice for both me and my child.
  7. doit4mykaila

    Missing child withdrawn from school

    Yes, she was withdawn from her school (meaning her Records) taken from the school. I am told that the counselors that “resigned and took my daughter’s Records with them” I have called everyone in the state of Texas and no one wants to be involved with my situation. I explain more of the details under my other recent post in the criminal section under crime defined. Title is missing child and dirty politics
  8. doit4mykaila

    Missing child and dirty politics

    One morning I woke up to take my 14yr old daughter to school and discovered a grown man(20yr) lying on my daughter’s bed with scratches on his back. I immediately started screaming for him demanding he get out of my house. My daughter and this boy take my keys to my vehicle, run through my garage, get in my vehicle, and drive away with me chasing behind them. I call the Police and the officer charged the man with sexual assault but fails to report my child into NCIC and closes his investigation after an hour. I get a knock on my door later in the afternoon and it’s the boys mother and she handed me my car keys and said she found it in a parking lot with the keys on the tire. I call Police again. This time the cop claims that he reported her as a runaway. As I was looking for my daughter online, alone in my home, the same police officer, created a false report about me claiming that I had “sexual text messages” on my cell phone and “empty syringes” in my trash can that he reported as “disposed of”. The report was made two hours after he left my home and it was an “information only” report. I received no calls from Police with any info about my daughter. Two days later, After continuously calling my daughter’s phone a little boy picked up and said that he found it on the ground at the end of my street. After I retrieve my daughter’s cell phone I was horrified to find out in her Facebook that a social worker and Someone in the Police dept. was helping my daughter with her plan to run away with the 20 yr old man to be adopted by his mother. I call the Police for the 3rd time and show the officer the messages and plead with him to find my child. The Officer ends up providing me the report number for the false report the 2nd officer made against me. The next day, my child was withdrawn from her school without a court order and I could see on her Facebook that she was thrown in a homeless shelter. My 14yr old daughter and this man continued their relationship on Facebook and the boy even posted a picture of himself shaking hands with a police officer who was “thanking him for his help with a certain somebody” Eleven days later, I receive a Notice from the District court stating that SOLE custody of my child was given to the State. My daughter’s name was changed and I was never allowed to see or speak to my child again. After filing complaints with every state department, including the judicial commission, they all tell me to report it to the Texas Rangers which I have, but they refuse to investigate. The judge that did this terrorizes me by sending me pictures of my daughter with his arms around my daughter and political videos that he has used her in. I have contacted hundreds of attorneys but no one wants to help me. I have documented everything and I can 100% prove it all. Why am I having trouble finding an attorney to help me?? This is not lawful..
  9. doit4mykaila

    Missing child withdrawn from school

    My 14 yr old daughter was withdrawn from her school without a court order after I reported her missing 3 times to local police. This incident resulted with ALL of the counselors at her school resigning and filing grievances with the school district and all of the counselors were forced to sign non-disclosures relating to the incident with my child. I had spoken with the counselors and they were aware of the situation with my child, and I’m only assuming that they resigned because they refused to break FERPA. Regardless, I am denied knowing any information regarding the name of the person that withdrew my child from her school without a court order but I cannot get answers from anyone...is it ever lawful to withdraw my missing child from school without notifying me? How can this happen? Who do I hold accountable?