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  1. Hi, I own a coffeehouse where I've been renting for 2.5 years now. The landlords are an old Italian man I can never understand and some other guy I've never met. I guess they have gotten screwed in the past so they assumed that was my intention also even though after 2.5 years I'm still there. I'm always yelled at for things. Harassed about stuff that has nothing to do with me. I have the landlords son who lives above the space always yelling at me for nonsense. We have pipes that freeze in the winter that I've had to stay shut several times because of. Their solution, leave portable heaters on overnight. It's a fire hazard! I've lost so much renvenue because of them but they're just horrible to me and make sure to show up on the 1st with their handout for the rent but never help me solve problems that are with THEIR building. Most recently we've had the well test positive for bacteria. Health department made me put up signs not to drink the water. Of course who wants to eat at a place that has signs like that. It's been now 3 months and the landlords have dragged their feet to get the issue resolved. They don't care if I lose money. They just expect to be paid. So I've held the rent this current month and I'll hold next month too until it fixed. So question, what legal rights do I have? Can I sue for damages to my business and lost revenue? I don't understand why they wouldn't want to work with me rather than against me. I've been a respectful tenant (unless they come yelling at me because then I have to stand up for myself). I just am at a loss. I put every last dollar into this business and it is successful but I'm tired of being walked all over and feel they should also take a lose for taking so damn long to fix the water, upon other issues. Any advice would be awesome! and if anyone's a commercial lawyer in NY, I'd love to set up a meeting. Megan
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