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  1. My Podiatrist Doctor diagnosed me with severe peripheral neuropathy this last week and wrote a Note: 4 weeks I can't work in my Maintenance/Janitoral Job. I'm going to pain specialist next. I have a limp now. My legs below both knees stay numb or partially numb all day now, and I have tingling and throbbing pain if I put pressure on my feet. I've fallen 3 times in last month or so b/c of my limp and moving to fast such that my left foot especially is numb and can't keep up because I can't control it. What should I do? I need to go to work tomorrow for financial reasons....notwithstanding my conditon and the Note/4 weeks. Is this a valid Florida Workers Comp Claim? Should I send my Employer an email notifying them of my Doctor Note? and go into work anyway?
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