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  1. I can't do that. You can think of the reasons why I wouldn't want to tell his parents. Let's not even probe about that route. Thanks for the other info though. About the taxes. I remember hearing that you only have to pay tax if you make over 500 dollars a month as income? Is that true? ( I live in MD) Even if you don't have to pay tax if your income is less than 500 dollars a month, do you still have to report your income and how you got the income ? How does that work? Also thanks for the answer pg1067 . you can be an assh*le to anyone as long as you make them laugh, which you did.
  2. Ignore my last question the answer is actually pretty obvious. I hope you guys were at the very least intrigued by this thread. I'll just see how it goes with my friend and I'll just get a job. It'll be a pain but oh well. Thanks, guys. But If anyone knows anything more please reply because this topic is interesting IMO. Again thanks for all the replies
  3. But the worst that could happen is that the app or apps that you were exploiting ban you from their app and refuse to pay any money you have on their system. And in the rarest and worst case scenerio, they sue that person for the money and damages right? Just like what Tax_Counsel said. The government won't be the one that's punishing you right? Just like what Tax_Counsel said. So it wouldn't really affect you or your record that much.
  4. Do you really have to report this to IRS? When you normally get money from apps the right way you don't have to report it to IRS and you don't have to pay tax or anything like that. SOOOO? I can't talk to an a lawyer about this. How the heck is someone suppose to talk to a lawyer when he is under 18 and doesn't have a credit card or pay pal? A parent isn't gonna be like, Oh we support this plan so we'll help you talk to a lawyer. But If there is a way please tell me. I am really hoping to get an answer on this forum. So if anyone knows anything please tell me.
  5. Sorry for being too vague. 1. He plans to use an app called TASKER and that app can make your phone do anything as long as your phone is rooted. And as long as you have the apps plugins. The plugins are located in these 2 apps called auto apps and auto tools. They have plugins like auto input, auto voice and many more. You have to pay for those apps but they don't cost that much. 2. Get apps like app bounty, app nana,cash gift - Free Gift card, etc.... There are so many apps that do this it's literally endless. 3. Using tasker and it's plugins automate your phone to download app and watch videos to earn those gift cards/ money. 4. Aggressively cash out the money/ gift cards you earn 5. Get lots of apps and only earn a reasonable amount of credits a day on each app 6. If you run out of apps or offers simply reset your phone or sell your phone and get a new one. Then you'll be getting a lot of offers as if you're a newbe. It will not be easy to learn how to program your phone using Tasker. It's going to be really hard but after your get the hang of it you could be making $20 or more a day without doing a single thing. That's all the info there is to it. How would you even convince your parents to let you do this. Would you have to do this secretly? So What laws would this plan break except for the apps laws? What would most likely happen to a person who followed this plan? What's the worst that could happen? How do you report your income from this task if you're under 18? Would this plan even require tax? Would you have to report it to IRS? What would happen if you started doing this with more than one phone? Like you got a bunch of phones doing this plan or if you showed this plan to friends. How would the app makers find out you're automating your device? What would be the best and safest way to carry out this plan? How about if you started filling out surverys and registration forms with false info instead of just watching videos and installing apps? Would you be breaking a law then? Should you avoid that or does it have the same consequence? But to be fair apps that pay money have scammed many people. I know that it's a lot of questions but could you please answer the ones that you know the answer to. All when you're free of course.This plan is getting very interesting. I wonder was my friend the only one who thought of this? Of course not but I wonder how many people did think of this?
  6. Could you please answer my question the format that I requested? Thanks! Wait are you actually saying his plan is pretty safe? How can earning money be that easy? Could you please fully answer the question. What laws would this plan break except for the apps laws? What would most likely happen to a person who followed this plan? What's the worst that could happen?
  7. A really good friend of mine has been getting some bad ideas. He plans to make a bot on his phone. There are apps that let you earn money for downloading apps and playing/using apps and he plans to make Bots that do this automatically. He says that it's not breaking any US laws but it is breaking the apps law. But he says that the most the app can do are kick him out off the app if they catch him and at the very most they might sue him. He says that as long as he is using his own IP address/wifi, he shouldn't be breaking any major rules. He keeps on talking about making 600 dollars a month of off this plan and that he only has to make the program once. I think his plan is too good to be true, wouldn't the IRS get suspicious? I've been telling him to not do it but he isn't listening. What if he starts doing this plan with more than one phone and what if he shows it to other people. I feel like my friend is planning to do something he will soon regret. Please help me convince my friend that this is a bad idea. He is very stubborn so could you please try to source your info as well.
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