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  1. How do I know he's not outside my house stalking me or he's some kind of sick pervert o already suffer from aniexty PTSD AND SERVE DEPRESSION it's a very serious thing so are u telling me I gotta wait until he actually tries to harm me
  2. I does apply he admitted it in text messages
  3. I do have the proof in his message he stated that he was from the Casino And he printed out my card for me
  4. So I do not have a case against the casino for him doing that??
  5. Hello I wanted to know I had a case? I am a regular player of a Casino and I do use a players card when I vist this establishment. At times I vist this casino I forget my players card at home and have to go to courtesy counter and get a new one. I have done this plenty of times but this last time was different the gentle that helped me asked a question I have never been asked before he said " Is your phn number and address still the same?" I said yes he gave me my card and I went about my business. A few days later I received a text message from a unknown person? It was the gentleman that helped me at the casino counter he got my info from my club indulge account and contacted me. His messages were strange, the simple fact he retrieved me phn from my account makes me very uncomfortable I do not know him nor did I personally give him any of my personal information this makes me scared and afraid. What can I do??
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