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  1. When we moved from FL to NJ, one of the mover's trucks flipped over and all the contents were destroyed. Long story short, he wasn't insured (he had to rent the trucks for the long move... not his own vehicles.) After much discussion, I agreed to a settlement figure and to allow him to make monthly payments for restitution. He has never consistently made those monthly payments, sometimes going as long as 6 months without a payment. In June, he promised this would no longer happen and that he would make payments on the first of every month from then on. He made the June payment on time. In the middle of August he paid July and August. I have not seen a penny since, despite his sending an email saying he would be sending a check. Exactly what can I do to collect this debt? (It's over $20,000, so small claims is not an option.) I have all the emails indicating his agreeing to payments, including how much he agreed to settle for.
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