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  1. Hey so here's the fast version my boyfriend had a controlled buy done on him over Facebook, but there was no way it was going to go through if he'd just fought it cuz the guy moved states and wasn't going to testify. But they offered to let him out on an OR if he plead guilty and then he skipped court. So he got sent on a rider, but he just flopped it and is coming back to county to see the judge. They decided he'd gets 5years 3 determinate sentenced to prison if failure to complete the rider. My question is since he is going in front of the judge again can he change the sentence? Or is it now up to BOP ? Do u think asking for a motion to appeal is possible or change of sentence to like a rehab or something? He's already been to prison before though. There has to be something we can do. I know someone who plead crazy and got their sentence dropped. Any suggestions ?
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