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  1. I need help, A contractor put a lien on my house and now is suing me for money. He was hired to do a renovation job in one of my apartments. He charged me $17,000 and I paid him $6000. He wanted more money and I told him once the job is complete I will give him the balance. He did not complete the job listed in the contract nor he did not obtain a permit to do the work. The work he did required a permit by NYC Department of Buildings, which I had no idea. Now I am being fined for work being done on my property without a permit and the wall he put up was illegal. I have to fines against me from New York City Department of Buildings and he is now suing me. He did not comply with the procedures according to New York City Dept of Consumer Affairs. Please help as these New York Contractors Attorney's are difficult to deal. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Melissa
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