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  1. I know this is an old post but I just had to comment on response to grandbabymomma's post. Why on earth would you ever turn your back on your own child especially when he needed you the most? He suffers from addiction, he lost lost his kids, and as far as I can tell his mother too and I am assuming that he is having or had troubles in all other aspects in his life (ex: job, other relationships, financial problems) . Medical textbooks even say addiction is a disease. I hear you say your other child is doing rather well and I would hope if they called you and had cancer you wouldn't turn your back on them as well. I highly doubt your son woke up one-day and said that he wanted to be addicted to drugs. I have kids of my own who are all grown. One of them had a very serious opiate addiction but I never thought of turning my back on them. I helped them even when they had no desire to help themselves, I prayed non stop, and I relentlessly tried to convince them to get help and change their life. U can't imagine going through everything your son is or was going through and to add having my own mom turn her back on me. Now I see why DCF didn't want you to adopt.
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