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  1. I’m very upset. I am a totally and permanently disabled person. I had many student loans. The federal government loans were forgiven. But Sallie Mae sued me. My attorney was referred by a friend and agreed to accept monthly payments. He said he was knowledgeable in this area. He asked me if I’d be willing to settle and I said maybe under the right circumstances. Without my knowledge or permission, he settled for the full $35,000 against me. Weeks later he was disbarred for embezzlement of client funds. I also found out I qualify for forgiveness through Navient, the company that does student loans. Is there anything I can do now to reverse the judgement? (I do understand though that Navient made it too hard to find loan forgiveness information and is now being sued.) The worst thing is they’ve put a lien on my mothers house. It’s destroyed both of our credit ratings.
  2. I know a person who has misled and outright lied on his LinkdIn profile/resume about his education. He has gotten an officers position in a bank and I feel this is unfair. Is this in anyway against the law? He hasn’t gone to college yet reports having a Masters degree. Isn’t this fraud?
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