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  1. DHR recently took my 16 year old daughter out of my house ..they have made me go through parenting classes and outpatient rehab and uncountable drug test. Still I am going to take drug test and on this particular day I go for drug test which was a urine test,,I passed my test . As I was leaving the lady giving the drug test says "wait one minute, your case worker has ordered a hair follicle test." I told the lady that I wasn't going to take the test. She said I had the right to refuse the test but I'd have to deal with my case worker and made me sign a paper.. So, my question is: How can they say I failed a drug test because I refused to take the hair follicle?
  2. Thank you for your quick response. I understand the bills have to be paid regardless of anything and thats fine by me. The ex is calling his bank saying i stole the card when i have text messages on my phone from him rubbing it in my face. Like laughing in my face so to speak. My next question is: Me not knowing if the bank has took action or not, should i take it upon myself to go to his bank and maybe show them the text messages i have?? This has been an ongoing thing with this guy and his bank account since I met him. Every month he gets his disability check, he claims someone is taking his money. He has blamed the bank, online merchants and God knows who else. I am afraid the bank will press charges against me. I dont need any warrants signed on me.. He has sent me another text saying I stole his entire social security check now.. Omg, hes told the Social Security Office that I have stole his check..Im really wondering what I should do.. This is fraudulent activity hes accusing me of..Any advice will be appreciated.
  3. Being i was in a bind last month and needed help with my bills, my boyfriend at the time gave me his debit card to pay a couple of my bills. Power bill and water bill. Now that we havent been getting along and are broke up, he calls his bank to say his card was stolen. I received a call from the water board telling me that they needed to talk to me about the payment i made online. They said someone had reported the card stolen. Now I have charge back fees to pay back plus the bill I paid with his debit card.. He gave me the card and all his information to use the card. I am worried about what will happen next.. This is not fair by no means. What can I do?
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