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  1. Forseeable indeed, as I mentioned the view had been acheived before the house was sold and all of a sudden it's "no we don't think so." when my Mom who's terminally ill inquired about striking a compromise about topping the trees again. I guess I mentioned it because one of my buddies was actually an attorney Judge Advocate in the Marine Corps. He's pressured me to seek legal advice and since I posted this morning we've obtained an attorney. It seemed relevant somehow but whatever.. I've requested the land survey that was most recent at the time of deed transfer. The seller had one conducted but the markers are not on the mountain as they should be, and it doesn't seem to have been physically conducted at all. I should've been more fastidious three years ago but, the neighbors were so pleasent and subservient about the easement etc... Their nasty turn in attitude is what caused me to want to simply provide the fix myself.
  2. So, we purchased property in the mountains with a tree topped view. Trees are on our side of neighbors fence which was already existing. Not certain on the exact property boundaries however, the neighbor claims that there fence is 10 ft or more away from the boundary, inside of their property. Now, the aforementioned pine trees that had been topped at the time of purchase, which are 8 to 12ft from neighboring fence on my side, these trees have now grown their tops back & obstructed our beautiful Blue Ridge mountain views. I've spoken with the neighbor lady who basically said the trees weree on their property and the fence did not represent the boundary line, although there is no updated survey to say definitively, and their trees were not to be trimmed. In two weeks I'm walking down there with two other fellow Iraq war veterans, chainsaw blades sharpened, and everything to my side of the fence will be clipped. My question is this: Short of a survey, what "legal" recourses are inherent to each parties interests after this occurs?
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